Run The City – Meet Sara

 “What did ancient people do when they wanted to work out? There was no gym back then.” “Just put on your shoes and go for a run!” I have known Sara for close to 10 years. All these years she had never mentioned the word “running” until that summer of 2014.  In a short span…

Where to find a hairstylist? Visit Initium

You see, I HATED my hair until I met Lip Lam.  When we first met, he touched my hair and said, “You have beautiful volume. Why would you try to hide that? You need to love your natural waves!”   I was blown away. No one had said this to me before!

Love Yourself

Hair.  It is the first thing that people usually look at when you meet someone.  Do you love your hair?  For over a decade I HATED my hair.