Initium Salon Cafe Lounge – Meet Lip

From volunteering his time as a hairstylist, to becoming an owner at the age of 25 and now expanding the business into a hair salon – café – lounge, Lip shares how he discovered his passion and turned it into a business. 

3 Facts about Initium

#1  Initium is a Latin word.  The word means from the beginning. Initium first emerged in 2007 as a hair salon created by a group of young passionate entrepreneurs who wanted to bring innovation to hairstyling.

Chya’s Handmade Soaps – Meet Crystal

  “Let’s get back to the basics! All handmade soaps are 100% natural and made with heart.” Crystal, a new mom and the creator of Chya’s Handmade Soaps shares how she began her journey as an entrepreneur.