Fairy tale comes alive at Foresta Lumina Montreal

Visit Foresta Lumina in Montreal

“Very cinematic!” What an opportunity to experience the enchanted forest.  It’s a two-hour drive from Montreal.  Give yourself plenty of time to drive into town, enjoy the day scenery and visit a quaint restaurant or cafe.

Get your perfect selfie

Be amazed at the spectacular light show presented by Moment Factory.  Be sure to reserve your ticket online ahead of time.  Each slot takes about 200 plus participants.  Depending on the season, there are four timeslots for you to choose from – 7 pm – 8 pm – 8:30 pm – 9 pm. If you pick the 7 pm slot, be prepared to wait awhile. The show only starts when the sky is dark.  The 8 pm slot is perfect for an after dinner nighttime stroll along the Coaticook’s canyon. The 2.6 km trail presents you with surprises at every corner.

Walk through the longest pedestrian suspended bridge in North AmericaWalk along the longest pedestrian suspended bridge in North America. 

One of the highly anticipated experiences is to walk along the suspended footbridge.  The bridge lights up every 5 minutes.  It is the perfect spot to take a selfie before you cross the suspended footbridge.  It was quite the excitement walking on it with a baby stroller. My pace quickened as the bridge swayed side to side.  If the height doesn’t bother you, slow down, listen to the river flow and enjoy the night view. If you are afraid of heights, keep your head up as you are walking and look forward to passing the mysterious unknown door.

Foresta Lumina suspended bridge Montreal

Another magical moment is seeing trees light up with a tap on the drums.

Light show Foresta Lumina Montreal

It is baby-friendly 

If you are a young family, here are some tips to make your experience enjoyable.

  • Do a diaper change before you start your adventure. There are washrooms at the main entrance. They are clean and there is a baby changing table.
  • The Foresta Lumina website recommends using a carrier instead of a stroller.  When we arrived, we spoke with the attendant who said it was ok to use a stroller.  We also saw other young families using one.  What a relief! Pushing a stroller instead of using a carrier would be easier on our knees.  In some areas, pushing the stroller uphill was quite tiring and controlling the speed while going downhill was difficult.  My husband ended up carrying the stroller and I held on to our baby girl while trying to maintain my balance at the same time.   If you decide to bring your stroller, I would recommend bringing your carrier as well. This way, you have the option to switch between the two when walking uphill or downhill. Some slopes could be steep! 
  • There are resting stations along the trail. Take the time to rest. 
  • There weren’t many bugs. Just in case, we brought our Brica Stroller Canopy along. 
  • You can take a free shuttle from downtown to Foresta Lumina, but this is only available during the weekend. No free shuttle during the weekday. 
  • If you have time, consider spending a couple of days in Coaticook. Here are some ideas on things to do and where to stay in this beautiful eastern township. 

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